Do I need to install anything to use SellerF1 repricing software?

No. SellerF1 works on any web browser. All you need to do is signup using your full name, email address and you can start your free to use for the first 15 days.

Is a credit card required to try out SellerF1?

Nope. For the trial version, you can use all the features of our premium plan, free for 30 days. You are only required to enter your credit card details at the end of your trial to continue using your account. At the end of your trial you will be promoted to select the appropriate Plan.

Does repricing ever stop?

It won't, ever, unless you cancel your subscription. Your listings will be repriced every 30 minutes.

Do you reprice ‘up’ as well as ‘down’?

Yes. We reprice down when there is competition and we start repricing up when we get notified that there is no competition or when there is a significant price difference between your price and the next best competitor. The whole idea is we want to maximize your profits by repricing in this manner.

How long should my product listings take to update? Why are my listings not updating?

Product listings update continuously in regular intervals of every 30-60 minutes. If, for some reason, the listings are not being updated, then feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to look into it and get it sorted for you.

How often do you reprice?

We reprice every 30 minutes, SellerF1 sends the price change almost instantly then amazon takes around 5-15 minutes to make the change appear on their store.

Why is Amazon feedback important?

As per amazon ‘maintaining a high feedback rating is an important factor in becoming a successful seller on Amazon. Customers often review feedback ratings when determining whether to make a purchase from a seller. If you receive negative feedback, it is important to quickly determine the cause of the problem and to work toward resolving it.’ SellerF1's feedback manager helps you in getting more feedback by automating it.

How can SellerF1 improve my Amazon seller feedback?

Over 90% of Amazon buyers fail to leave feedback. In addition, customers who are not happy with the experience are more motivated to leave negative feedback. That leaves you with a large number of satisfied buyers who are not leaving positive ratings and this affects your overall rating score. SellerF1 automatically sends a personal email to each of your customers requesting positive feedback. More positive feedback will improve your overall rating on Amazon, and limit the effect of occasional negative feedback ratings.

Isn't it against amazon policy to request feedback?

Absolutely Not. Amazon encourages sellers to provide good customer service and to solicit feedback from their customers in order to be a successful merchant.

Can SellerF1 help us deal with negative/neutral feedback?

SellerF1 sends you an alert email when you receive a negative feedback. You should then proactively deal with this negative feedback by either addressing the customer's concerns or by contacting Amazon support team if a product review is mistakenly left as feedback.

Can I request for product reviews as well using SellerF1?

Yes, in our default email template we include link for product reviews as well. You can modify the template or send a separate email to solicit product reviews.

Is your software secure?

We understand that a lot of confidential information will be processed through our application so we have the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates already in place. These certificates allow for secure connections from a web server to any browser.

Which marketplaces are supported?

SellerF1 is primarily an Amazon repricer and feedback system. As of now, we support Amazon India. Going forward, we will support Amazon US, UK, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Italy, France, China as well as Japan.

Why do all my listings not appear?

There are certain types of listings that will not appear in SellerF1. Listings that are inactive, discontinued or the ones that have been deleted by you previously will not appear. In other words, all active listings will be displayed as is.

Am I under any contract?

There is no contract, you can choose to end your subscription at any time. We know simplicity is something that you value the most, and it is for that reason that we have made both signing up and canceling processes extremely simple. However, since payments are month-by-month, without any long-term contract, no refunds are provided for the remainder of the billing month in which you choose to cancel. If you have any issues you can contact the team by email at

Are there any hidden extras/charges?

No, it is just a single monthly fee that you pay for all these features. No hidden charges, no extra costs, plain and simple.

Do you store my credit card information?

All the payments made by you are processed through the payment gateway In other words, we do not save or process any credit card information provided by you.

My question has not been answered?

If the above questions have not provided you with an answer you were looking for, please let us know at